Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yoga (booooo)

Yeah so tried out some Yoga today. Definitely the lamest workout so far. Partially because i have zero flexibility, and partially cause it is Boring. and 90 minutes long. Oh also its boring.

So I guess I'll keep on keeping on, and see how the rest of the deal is. Perhaps next Yoga day I will get up early and do the first half in the morning and the second half at night... Perhaps that will be uhm less boring.

Oh did I mention that the recovery week has yoga twice? Lame.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 3 Shoulders and Arms

Well that was a good time! Didn't find this workout so hard, but thats probably cause I skipped the bonus round. And I need to move up in weight in several exercises.. Encouraging to be able to get through a workout though!

Not looking so forward to Yoga tomorrow with my lack of flexibility.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Did some plyometrics today.. Thats a funny word for one hour of jumping. I wanted to turn the dvd off after about 26 minutes! But I managed to hold on, taking little breaks as needed. My fancy heart rate monitor wristwatch (womens one because it was 10 bux less than the mens - who needs manly watches when you do girl pushups?) told me that my heart rate was between 165 and 185 pretty much the whole time. I found some calorie calculators that estimated my hour at about 765 calories. Between the two granola bars and the ichiban noodles I think I burned more calories than I ate!!

But Jesse saved the day with some scrumptious pork chops and potatoes and salad and watermelon supper..

mmm rain, thunder, lighting.... must be a summer evening in the Peeg.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pull up your pants, Put them down. Pull up your pants....

AKA "Heavy Pants" pretty much the same thing as bent over rows...

Yes I started P90X today, day 1. Olyhay itshay was that tough. I mostly tried to just keep going - partly because I went to Terrace Sunday/Monday and therefore at pepperoni and chips for a day and half. Not doing so good with the nutrition part just yet I suppose. Jesse laughed at me because I told her that in round 2 on I think the 4th set of pushups (which are alternated with chin-ups. Ouch) I had to do pushups with my thumbs and index fingers touching. I did 2. Then 5 more with my knees down. Girl pushups. Wicked.

Anyways I am pretty excited about sticking to it for 90 days, although I am trying to keep a realistic idea regarding my desired results. So many peoples results on their personal sites are excellent, but perhaps thats only cause the motivated people blog about it? Well I will set a goal of 3 updates a week, and a minimum of 0-30-60-90 day picture updates.

Exercise.......Current stats......Goals

Chin up............3.5.............10
Push ups...........23..............60
Toe Touch........-8inches......0" (touch toes)
Bicep Curls.......16/#25.........16/#35
Body Fat...........23.2%...........17%

Don't really care about the other parts of the fitness test although I'll post the full comparison on or about day 90.

And here is a special treat; some fat person pictures!