Friday, December 30, 2005


Wow its been a while. Christmas time.. good fun had by all.. as my wife will tell you, I am a bit of a grinch, but thats cause christmas blows. Anyways her family was up so we spent much time with them, her sister made jesse this sexi toque:

very nice. I got some bum gloves. No, not gloves for my bum (silly little brother) gloves with no fingers! actually quite warm. Also I got lots of golf stuff, I tested out my new golf shirt at Aberdeen today, and I got like +33 at Cour de Alene. Stupid water.

Ok now I will go try make the new dvd player work more betterer.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Favorite Picture

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


A sad day for all. Red is dead. DEAD I TELL YOU!!!!!

Such great memories, scaring him and making him get all angry and puffed up. Well now he is no longer here, we had to send him for one last swim down the drain. All drains lead to freedom right?

Now we will have to get a blue fish and still call him Red.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

LCD Monitor Time.

SWEEET!!!! so the bossman hooked us all up with the Christmas bonuses, and so i gots me a christmas present :) sorry alls you people that were aching to pick me up a 32" LCD TV that I could use as a monitor, cause I just bought one tonite!!

Looks pretty sweet, once I got the oddball (1360x768) resolution hooked up, now to watch a movie on it :)

Friday, December 02, 2005

Blondes have more fun...

So I was thinking about back in the day, hanging out above the "7-1 food store" with Dustin, drinking Bacardi and Coke on a semi-regular basis, and of course doing the odd bit of engineering school in there.

The first time Jesse ( I would link her blog but she is too cool to allow normal people access, so alls y'alls don't get to see it) came by the apartment, she just LOVED the lamp that Dustins parents handed off to us. She suggested that it could keep me warm while she was gone, as she lived in the peeg while I was in school at UBC.

Of course, Dustin, Mr Bacardi and I were getting along just great, and after a decent time at the Wild Coyote, we walked the 3 blocks back home and then this lamp started hitting on me!! Who could say no??!??!

Must have been the blonde hair.. Perhaps i'll have to go in sometime and hook me up with some of that again?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hockey and Plaigurism

So the Canucks pretty much beat down Colorado last night, that was pretty sweet. We were talking about who invented hockey, and I found this site on the History of Hockey in Canada and then i blatantly plaigurize the following:

Canadians are, without a doubt, the best hockey people in the world. At an early age, all Canadians are tested in their ability to play our national sport. Both men and women are screened for their ability to shoot the puck, skate, swear and spit. Photographs are taken and then the photos are retouched to see how the person would look without front teeth. Bobby Clarke, a famous Canadian player for Philadelphia in the Seventies, won the teeth competition in his year of testing. Other tests such as the ability to drink from a cup without having any part of the cup touch your lips, the sweet science of swinging your fists at the face of another player, etc. help the government of Canada keep our sport pure and wholesome, ensuring that only the best of Canada's youth advance to the higher levels of the game. All those who do not pass the tests for superior ability are streamed off into baseball.

The reason that both men and women are tested for hockey skills at an early age is because many women have more skills at the game than men. It is a very well kept secret that a surprising number of famous and not so famous NHLers are, in fact, women. No one will admit to that fact but, trust me, it is true.

In school, children are taught the history of hockey, referee signals and whistle blowing as well as puck dropping. For their physical education classes, skates are mandatory, cups are optional and students spend many hours training each day. In the summer, short and sweet here in the Great White North, the kids skate on gravel to strengthen their leg muscles for the winter. In high school and college, various former professional players hone the skills of their charges. Dropouts are frequently seen hanging around tennis and basketball courts, wishing they were American.