Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sup Y'all

So back on dec 12 I emailed myself these pics of the first drawings I stamped, but I am lazy err busy yes so busy that I never got them uploaded:

Isn't that pretty..

What else have I done? Christmas was good times, went to Van and did some snowboarding at Grouse Mountain. Did a double backflip and then 360'd onto a curved rail, slide that and pulled a sweet front flip landed goofy and just rode that run backwards. Peter took some stella pictures of that run, but then these thirty guys jumped us and we used the camera to beat them down, one of them had a lucky shot and broke the camera so i guess i'll have to do that all again next time?

Gettin me some trim today! and a nice new Makita 12" compound sliding mitre saw with a table. NIICCE!.

Oh thats prolly it.. some secret news that won't take place till after P speaks of it or Feb 11, whichever comes first.

later skater