Tuesday, September 12, 2006


So I have a new strategy for the big courses like aberdeen... Double Bogey. Thats 55 on 9 and 110 for 18.. That is the goal for now, we'll upgrade that later. So me and Doug were out for the front 9 today, went pretty good since I shot a 56, prolly the best I have done at Aberdeen...

Couldn't find a pic of the 5th hole, but it was pretty freekin sweet, Doug was testing out his new shoes and hit a killer drive, about 270 off the tee, I was around 230 with the 3 wood, so I made a nice chip, ended up about 30 feet from the tee on the uphill side of the green, Doug managed to make it look like he meant to top the ball, as his chip ended up about 20 feet from the hole on the close side. So he tells me he is just aiming to get close to the hole, not go for the gold but of course he lies and puts the ball about 12 inches away!!! so he drops that in for par and I figure if he's going for the prize then of course I need too, so I gave it the love tap and bang! Birdie on a par four!!! saweeet!

Wack Cat

My cat is kinda wack, she drinks from the tap. At least she doesn't flush the toilet. Yet.

In other news I won 22 million dollars on wednesday night, so that was pretty sweet.. now i can golf whenever i want!!!!!

Prolly I'll get a hole in one tonite, more news on that later.