Monday, July 31, 2006

Hello out there

Crazy times... the house is coming together nicely, should be not much over 2 weeks and we'll be outta there. Looking pretty good maybe when its done i'll be motivated enough to post up a picture or two. Life is the same, its aiight.. work is ok.

And this is stolen right off xkcd

sweet ass-idea.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Just like me!!

This dude is awesome!!

I Know What Is Best For Everyone

Here be Dragons!!

Dirty dragons stealing maidens and breathing fire all over the mountains. Read in interesting post about being afraid: Dragons

pretty interesting shtuff.

Anyways I am an old person now, a fraction of a century!! well 13/50ths of a century is perhaps not so old. So tired.

House is going good, anyone want to buy a nice 1250 sq foot backing onto greenbelt? 250k friends and family only special price. One day only!. Anyways hope to be done in 6 weeks or so and then perhaps I can relax for a month of summer :)

Oh and I applied for the P.Eng!! sweet now i will make millions. Or not. Dumb engineering.