Tuesday, August 22, 2006

On the Road Again

woooo. So P has uprooted hisself and moved to Terrace. Hopefully the food is ok there.

Now who will i beat down mercilessly at the golf course? I will have to continue to work on my little wife and we shall become professional golfers and retire at the age of 27.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A secret for P to fulfill his burning desire

This is a secret only to be divulged to the Master P. If you are not said person, it is recommended that you stop reading at once.

That includes this line.

And this one too.


I will tell you a secret that no-one else must know.

I am uncreative, but desired a creative title for my new blog that would be read by millions who are not yet aware of my uncreativeness. When i signed up for a blogspot account, ujjpku was the captcha that I had to type in to prove that I am more than just a faceless computer.

Wow. What name could be better than UJJPKU i said to self? Self said nothing back, proving that I am either not crazy, or in fact there is no better title than UJJPKU.

Not only that, but I am the one and only hit on google.

How sweet is that?