Monday, December 11, 2006

You got to know when to fold em.. when to hold em..

So I continued my slow descent into the evil dark corners of the interweb by following my little brothers footsteps and getting hooked on Texas Hold'em Online Good times... I already won $60!!! well ok fine that was the sign up/ refferal bonus but its all the same right? Thought i was all catchin on quick and stuff till i started reading about strategies!! who woulda thought that 2nd year stats class would ever apply to the real world? Watch out boys cause I will be cleaning up at the christmas party this year.... or getting crushed by the old guys but its all good times right? right?

Monday, December 04, 2006

New New New

Hahah I changed the layout. Its all crazy mad cause its like backwards and left is right now!

I was going to change it and not say anything, but this counts as 3 posts in one day.

no more whining.


So life is good. A sucker born every minute they say. In other completely unrelated news the Celica and I parted ways on saturday. Not too bad, run a car for two years and sell it for $100 less than you payed. Who says vehicles depreciate? wack.

Yes and the 3100 Killarney house is gone, money in the bank and a new family enjoying that house. Must be nice to have a garage when it is snowing at a rate of nearly one foot per day!

What else what else... Oh I suppose I should take some more reno pictures, hope to have the closets built and drywalled this weekend, ready for the wife to paint the living room, kitchen, laundry room, hallway... holy carap thats gonna be lots of painting... Good thing i'll be working!!!


So If P gets to post a few couch pictures and call it a post, and then hassle me about lame slow never update, then check it:

First. 4x4. Ever.